What is Open Recognition?

The Bologna Open Recognition Declaration was the start of an effort to establish a universal open architecture for the recognition of lifelong and lifewide learning achievements. Recognition for the skills you have or just an appreciation for what you do or who you are.

We encourage everyone around the world to join in and promote Open Recognition #openrecognition.

Open Recognition
Day 2017

Organised this year for the first time in history, by the Open Recognition Alliance in conjunction with ePIC 2017, the 15th International conference on ePortfolio, Open Badges, Identity & Trust..

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Who is this for? Everyone!

We want to have everyone on bo(a)rd. For a more inclusive society with an open, transparent employment market & increased trust in learning & achievement records. This starts with you as an individual giving trust and recognition to another individual, and evolves in organisations endorsing & giving recognition.

Give Recognition

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Want to send out some Open Recognition? An Open Endorsement for someone? Or put a claim on your own Recognition? Click a badge & contribute to the Open Recognition Day. Tweets will be visualised on the map. We use Open Badges to spread out Open Recogniton.


The day before, 24th October 2017, MIRVA (Making Informal Recognition Visible and Actionable) will also be launched in Bologna. A 3 years project sponsored by the European Commission. We will be start working on the definition of an Open Recognition Framework.

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